Gwen Stefani’s new album: Is That Lyric About Gavin or Blake?

IT’S HAPPENED, GWEN STEFANI HAS RELEASED HER NEW ALBUM. If you know me, then you know that I’ve been pretty damn excited about it. Gwen Stefani is forever one of my favorite artists. I’ve loved No Doubt since the ‘90s, and Gwen’s solo debut, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is in my top five albums of all time. In my opinion, her debut solo single, What You Waiting For? is one of the greatest songs of all time. Seriously, it’s a pop music masterpiece.

Anyway, Gwen’s new album, This is What the Truth Feels Like, is by far her most honest album yet. The singer recently went through a very public divorce with husband of 13 years, Gavin Rossdale. It isn’t confirmed, but according to People, Rossdale had been cheating on Stefani for some time.

Today, Gwen is dating fellow Voice coach, Blake Shelton (Who also recently went through a divorce with country singer Miranda Lambert). Gwen and Blake have been the talk of many tabloids and have been seen cuddling it up at parties.


After listening to Gwen’s new album, I had two big takeaways:

  1. She has some hard feelings towards Gavin
  2. She reallyyyyy likes Blake


So I have decided to dedicate this post to Gwen’s new album and its lyrics. It’s time for a game of ‘Is That Lyric About Gavin or Blake?’

Ready? Let’s get to it



……This one is Blake! Expressing how anyone would be a fool to let him go. Is this awkward for Miranda?

Me Without You

me without you

Gavin! Gwen is asserting her strength, and saying how much stronger she is after their break.

Red Flag

red flag

Another Gavin! Red Flag is about warning signs she noticed that indicated maybe things weren’t quite right in her marriage.

Make Me Like You


Blake here! Gwen went on Ellen and confirmed that this track is about Blake. The album’s second single, Gwen filmed the first ever live music video during the Grammys. It was really quite a thing to see.



Another Gavin track, the final song on the album. Loveable is about Gwen accepting herself as worthy and loveable.

Used to Love You

used to love you

The title gives it away, we have a Gavin inspired song here. Used to Love You, the lead single, set the tone for Gwen’s new sound when released. The simple one shot video is beautiful too.



You would think a title like misery would be saved for a sad song, but nope! Misery is about Blake. One of the most enjoyable tracks on This is What the Truth Looks Like, it’s oh so playful too.

You’re My Favorite

youre my favoritw

Blake again! You’re My Favorite is a unique track. Gwen is singing about how much she’s into someone, but the production and vocals are creepy. It creates an interesting contrast.



Did you get it right? It’s Blake! The somewhat title track from the album is actually my favorite. It’s honest, simple and Gwen’s soft voice is beautiful.


Overall, This is What the Truth Looks Like is a solid album. It’s actually a perfect reflection of Gwen’s life right now. She is happy in her new relationship, but is still recovering from a messy divorce. You would think these two conflicting themes would work against each other but they do the opposite. Gwen’s honesty comes across in each track, so whether it’s a happy, sad or angry song, you know that’s what the truth sounds like.

I am beyond excited to have new music from Gwen. Her unique voice is still one of my favorites, and I will for sure be a Gwen Stefani fan for life. Do yourself a favor and download This is What the Truth Looks Like, I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it. xx


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