The start of the #MakeMarcMeetFoxes campaign

On July 24, I’ll be going to the Coldplay concert at Soldier Field in Chicago. I am beyond excited for this concert. I’ve loved Coldplay since I was young and from what I’ve heard, the band puts on one hell of a show.

I’ve seen pics of their previous concerts and this tour looks like it is going to be B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Please don’t look at me when Chris Martin is singing Up&Up because I guarantee you I will be in the middle of an emotional breakdown.


Last week, Coldplay announced the opening acts for the U.S. leg of their tour: Alessia Cara and one of my favorite artists…. Foxes.

I have written about Foxes a LOT on my blog. Here are the posts she is featured in:

If I had to name an artist who has had a significant impact on me in the past two years, my mind would jump to Foxes. I don’t want to get into specifics, but I think her music is stunning. Her voice and songwriting skills are everything an artist should be. When I found out she was opening for Coldplay, I immediately texted my friends Emily, Lindsey and Hannah (whom I’m going to the concert with) because I was FREAKING OUT. I will finally be able to hear the songs I’ve had on repeat for months… LIVE.

I have some fantastic Foxes merchandise. I couldn’t find any shirts on her store available in the US, so I made my own. I put her Glorious album cover on the shirt because that photo is GLORIOUS. No lying, every single time I wear this shirt I get compliments on it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.00.35 AM

I also have signed copies of Foxes’ two albums: Glorious and All I Need, her new sophomore album. Each time I saw online that signed copies were available to buy, I immediately grabbed my card and bought one. It is FANTASTIC to have not one but TWO signed CDs from your fave.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.00.12 AM

All I Need, was released on February 5, and I listen to songs from it everyday. My go-to tracks are Cruel, Money, Devil Side and well, pretty much the whole album. I have a Foxes playlist on Spotify that I listen to EVERY DAMN DAY too. Here’s the link:




foxes hair








But here is the point of this post– it would seriously be a dream come true to meet Foxes. So, everyday until the concert, I am going to tweet something about why she is awesome. I’ll tag her and use the hashtag #MakeMarcMeetFoxes. Hopefully, she will notice and then I can meet her! Even if she just said my name on stage, I WOULD LOSE MY COOL.

Today, I am starting the #MakeMarcMeetFoxes campaign. I will write updates regularly and do what I can to make this happen– reenact her photoshoots, buy all her merchandise, live tweet a marathon of her videos, whatever it takes! The Coldplay concert is July 24, and it will be the adventure of a lifetime. xx


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foxes amazing



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