Top 10 P!NK songs: The consistently cool as fuck artist

P!nk is officially back with a new single Just Like Fire, the main theme from Disney’s film Alice Through The Looking Glass. Although the reviews for the movie have been more of a burn than fire, P!nk’s new song has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It’s already #1 in Australia. P!nk recently dropped the video for the track and she’s wears a plethora of colorful outfits. She also shows off her silk spinning skills, her ICONIC silk spinning skills.

Because of her new single and the fact that P!nk has always been one of the coolest singers in the industry, I thought I should give my picks for the top ten P!nk songs. Here we go! xx

10. Glitter in the Air

Glitter In the Air - Single

One of the most underrated songs in P!nk’s entire discography. The final single from her 2008 album, Funhouse, this song is a beautiful soft piano ballad about taking a leap of faith and living in the moment.

With a piano ballad like this one, it could be easy to overdue it with production and background vocals, but the song is stripped down and less is definitely more. P!nk’s delicate voice sings about looking fear in the face and wishing for an endless night. It’s simple, perfect and a stunning track for a traditionally more pop-rock oriented artist.

P!nk sang Glitter in the Air at the 2010 Grammy awards, and her performance remains one of my favorite award show moments to this day. She did her silk spinning while drenched in water and continued to sound perfect the whole time. I’m pretty sure the audience directly beneath her got soaked, but if I was one of them, I would’ve GLADLY gotten soaked by P!nk’s magic.

9. Get the Party Started

get the party started

The lead single from P!nk’s album Missundaztood, Get the Party Started, proved P!nk wasn’t just another silly early 2000’s pop act. She had her own voice and sound. It’s hard to believe that Linda Perry, the woman who wrote Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful  and 4 Non Blondes’ What’s Up? wrote this song too.

The song is about getting ready for a night out, and it can still get the party started today. I couldn’t drink in 2001 when this song came out (well, I could but I was fucking 8 years old), but I can guarantee you now that if you play this song during your pregame, everyone will be feeling some type of way. Blast a little old school P!nk and get your party started.


8. Try


Try, the second single from P!nk’s 2012 album, The Truth about Love, is a song about taking risks in love, no matter what the consequences. P!nk mourns and reflects on a broken relationship with her soulful raspy voice, for which she really doesn’t get enough credit.

Try almost sounds like a battle cry for all those doubting themselves. The steady progression builds from somber verses to a smashing chorus. P!nk urges us to try our best in love because that’s all you really can do.

P!nk took YouTube by storm when the music video was released. The video has P!nk and a dancer expressing their angry, sad and sometimes violent emotions through dance. As the video progresses, the two become covered in colorful dust. A beautiful metaphor for a turbulent relationship that anyone can relate to. “Making this video was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career,” P!nk said in a statement. “I never wanted it to end. It’s my favorite video ever.”

P!nk’s reenacted the video at the 2012 American Music Awards and received a standing ovation. Critics commended the singer’s progressing artistry even after a decade in the industry.


7. U + Ur Hand


The third single from P!nk’s album I’m Not Dead, is my favorite song of hers. U + Ur Hand is the ULTIMATE fuckboy anthem. I didn’t realize what this song was about until a few years after its release and OH MY GOD. It is a direct metaphor for masturbation and I am LIVING for it. After I listen to this song, I feel the need to punch some fuckboy in the face.

U + Ur Hand has more of a dance-punk sound than what we were used to from P!nk, but it is a welcome change. P!nk aggressively and playfully tells a drunken suitor just who he’ll be having sex with tonight… and it’s not her.

Hats off to you P!nk for being unapologetic and taking a risk with U + Ur Hand. Billboard credited this song for reenergizing P!nk’s career and the sales of I’m Not Dead in the US. If you haven’t seen the video for U + Ur Hand, watch it immediately. P!nk plays a character called Lady Delish and gives some rude boys exactly what they deserve. God, I fucking love this song.


6. Don’t Let Me Get Me


One thing that has always made P!nk standout is she isn’t your typical pop star. She doesn’t care if people think she’s “pretty” or “weird”, she just wants to be herself. The introspective Don’t Let Me Get Me explores the theme of identity.

The song is from P!nk’s second album, so she was still relatively new to the industry at the time of release. You hear her struggling to fight back against the cookie cutter image the music business tries to turn you into.

Don’t Let Me Get Me has some pretty intense lyrics too:

  • “Don’t wanna be my friend no more. I wanna be somebody else.”
  • “Doctor, doctor won’t you please prescribe me somethin’. A day in the life of someone else?”

P!nk continued to explore themes of self-worth and identity in her future albums, but this early gem helps you get a sense of how P!nk has grown but also stayed true to herself at the same time.


5. Raise Your Glass


P!nk included a new party anthem that stands up for the little guy when she released Greatest Hits… SO FAR!!! in 2010. Raise Your Glass cheers to all the people who are wrong in all the right ways. In an interview with MTV, P!nk said the song is a celebration for people who feel left out from the popular crowd.

P!nk always tries to give the underdog a voice. She supports numerous animal and LGBT charities. Raise Your Glass quickly became an LGBT anthem because it celebrates self-worth and love.

The production stays true to P!nk’s nature, and the tongue-in-cheek lyrics match her pop persona beautifully. So let’s all raise our glasses to P!nk, for giving us another fun-loving pop track, cheers!


4. Just Like a Pill


Just Like a Pill is my favorite track from Missundaztood. The opening guitar and piano immediately put me in the mood to rock out to some old school P!nk. The song deals with getting out of a painful relationship with a subtheme of drugs and addiction. When P!nk was young, she struggled with addiction. She would continue to talk about her struggles in her future music.

This is the song that I think cemented P!nk as a pop-rock singer. In her Behind The Music special, P!nk said she didn’t have creative input on her first record, so Missundaztood was the first time she could stretch her wings musically.

Just Like a Pill is TRUE P!nk, her voice is confident but also vulnerable. The verses have her singing about trying to find help and the explosive chorus finds her raspy voice living to its full potential. No artist does pop-rock better than P!nk, and Just Like a Pill is proof.


3. Just Give Me a Reason


The biggest hit from The Truth About LoveJust Give Me a Reason features Nate Reuss, lead singer of fun.. I specifically remember being in a study room with friends in college and telling them about how P!nk’s new album is going to have a song with Nate Reuss. I kept saying that it’s going to be fucking wonderful, and guess what? It WAS fucking wonderful.

Just Give Me a Reason is without a doubt, the best song on The Truth About Love. The track went #1 in twenty-one countries and it became P!nk’s fourth #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song starts of with P!nk’s voice and a simple piano melody, then the chorus comes in introduces bass and drum machines. Ruess sings the second verse and then the rest of the song is sang as a duet. P!nk’s and Ruess’ voices blend perfectly. It probably isn’t a pairing you would think of, but once you hear it you wonder “Why haven’t these two sung together before?”

Just Give Me a Reason is about hanging onto a crumbling relationship. You will do anything to save it, but you feel powerless. It’s about not wanting to let love go.


2. Fuckin’ Perfect

fucking perfect

It may seem odd to have to have the word fuck in the title of your song, but this is P!nk we’re talking about, she isn’t afraid to take risks. Before listening to the song, the title Fuckin’ Perfect could make you think of a couple things. Initially, I thought the song was going to go hard and be another pop-rock track like U +Ur Hand where P!nk says something like “Fuck you! I’m perfect!” Nope, I was wrong. What we got one of the best pop ballads in years.

Fuckin’ Perfect is interesting because it sounds like P!nk is singing to herself in the verses and someone else in the chorus. She calls herself everything from Miss Understood to Miss ‘No way, it’s all good’. She then begs and pleads to someone she loves to see their own self-worth.

Damn, P!nk is hitting us all in a soft spot with this song. Everyone can relate to Fuckin’ Perfect we’ve all known someone who has struggled with depression, and hey, that might even be ourselves. Fuckin’ Perfect has a beautiful message: No matter how bad you feel, you are loved, and you are perfect to someone.


Honorable mentions:

There You Go

Who Knew


Dear Mr. President (feat. Indigo Girls)

Stupid Girls

1. So What


P!nk’s signature song, and her first solo track to top the Billboard Hot 100. So What is the perfect mix of the pop-rock sound that made P!nk famous. It also has the right amount of comedic overtone that P!nk’s been known to insert into her songs/videos.

So What was written when P!nk was separated from her husband, motorcross star Carey Hart. The opening lyric “I guess I just lost my husband, I don’t know where he went,” was actually a joke P!nk made with producer Max Martin when writing So What.

If someone has never heard a P!nk song, play him or her So What. He or she will immediately be able to get an idea of what P!nk and her music is all about. It’s rare that an artist can write a song that perfectly encapsulates what he or she does, but P!nk did it amazingly on So What.

pink and carey

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